Friday, 6 July 2012

What's Hot What's Not

Something to perk up your Friday!! This week's latest beauty news...


Louise Redknapp make-up collection - I love Louise, even as far back as the Eternal days! She's gorgeous, seems like a down-to-earth woman, hasn't gone crazy with her weight or loads of botox as she's gotten older. And if I could look like her I would! Which is why I'm incredibly excited that Louise is launching her own make-up range. It does make sense, why hasn't she done this before?! Well she's been developing it for three years to get it just perfect. All natural, it will be called Wild About Beauty and launches in September into Debenhams and House of Fraser stores.

Barry M Jewel Britannia - I want this. I want this so much! My addiction to nail varnish and in particular Barry M continues...A glitter in red, white and blue show your support for Team GB with this £2.99 polish. Great name as well. Available on the Barry M website from yesterday and it will also be on the Boots website. The only thing putting me off is that delivery is almost as much as the polish!

Kim Sears' hair - you can't escape Wimbledon right now. But I'm more interested in Kim Sears when Murray is playing! A slight girl crush she has the most beautiful hair. How I wish I could have a blowdry every morning to give me this swish! Real hair envy.


Photoshop gone crazy - Victoria Secret are in hot water again for making their already super-slim models unrealistically thin. In their new ad it emerged this week the model's legs are painstakingly thin. The Victoria Secret's models are absolutely drop-dead gorgeous but also quite healthy looking. Why push them to the side of anorexia?

Sparse brows - eyebrows seem to be having a bit of a moment right now. I've always been more of a lashes girl and haven't really even thought about my eyebrows as I didn't want slugs above my eyes. BUT recently I've noticed that fuller, defined brows frame the face better and I've bought my first eyebrow pencil...loving it, full blog post to come soon.

Fired for too much make-up - this woman's make-up is quite extreme granted, but to be fired for your make-up? This week one woman's Egyptian style make-up made her lose her job. Do you think she should have removed it for her work, or stuck to her guns?



  1. Why do Barry M keep doing this to me?! Gorgeous!x