Saturday, 28 July 2012

What's Hot and NOT!

The latest beauty goings-on from this week. Let me know if you agree!

Olympic nails - I well and truly have Olympic fever now. Saw the torch pass by my work and the Opening Ceremony was awesome (for the most part!). Nail guru Sophy Robson has created these nail designs especially for the Olympics. LOVE!

New Ojon hair oil - big fan of Ojon products and they are launching a new hair oil in September. Called Total Hair Therapy it will only be available in Harrods at first unfortunately but from October will be rolled out nationwide. Containing a unique blend of Ojon Oil, Rouge Oleifera, Tahitian Monoi oil, Marula oil, Kalahari melon oil, Kukui oil and Ximenia oil I'll be very interested to see if this is the new Moroccanoil.

Glycans - I wrote about these in more detail this week but I think they deserve a mention here as well. The whole world is now excited for the potential power of this scientific research in how to reverse signs of ageing!! It's the Holy Grail of beauty.


Wearing make-up to the gym - this has driven me crazy for years! Popping into the changing room and seeing girls applying make-up before a work-out. Erm, surely you'll sweat it off? And if you don't then you're not working hard enough. Research came out this week that 70% of women put make-up on before the gym. Who are these women???

OPI's Black Spotted - this week people have been spending ridiculous money trying to get hold of OPI's Black Spotted nail varnish. Part of the Spiderman collection, this one in particular was only brought out in France. It does look cool, it gives a marble finish, so taking crackle to the next stage! But why have they only brought this out in France?! I won't be spending crazy money on getting it. Someone else will launch this in the UK no doubt.

Photoshop gone mad - we're used to seeing photoshop being used to blend away wrinkles or slim down silouhettes, but know it seems having knees isn't a good look! Here is Banana Republic's latest ad where the models right knee has been photoshopped away. Surely knees aren't that offensive?!

Let me know what you think of this week's beauty news.



  1. Haha that's hilarious about the knee photoshopping - how peculiar?! The olympic nails are a cool idea! The Jamaican flag looks the best I think! xx

    1. Yeh I quite like the South African as well, the most colourful!! xx

  2. Loving the UK design and Jamaican flag. As for photoshop, it's absolutely insane, the extent of retouching these days!

    1. I know, who would have thought knees could be offensive!!