Friday, 20 July 2012

What's Hot and Not

The latest beauty news...let me know if you agree or disagree!


Ciate Velvet Manicure - my nail obsession continues to climb and so this was probably the most exciting news of my week! Ciate are bringing out a Velvet Manicure in a few weeks time and like their Caviar Manicure I'm sure this is going to be a success as well. Original Sugar were the first to bring this out but Ciate are hot on their heels. Really like the look of the dark purple called Berry Poncho. Only £9 so half the price of the caviar manicure...bargain!

Superdrug Colour Unlimited - Superdrug have announced a new cosmetics line called Colour Unlimited which comes out in October. Priced at £4.99 - £15.99 the range includes lip squeezies (cutest name ever!), eye sparkles, nail shots, and more. This is the only pic I've seen but I'm looking forward to seeing these for real

Betty Boop for Lancome - I LOVED Betty back in the day and she's back! For Lancome's new Hynose Star mascara, available now for £21, Betty gives us her top tips for making your lashes as good as hers! An obvious marketing tool, but I've been suckered in. See the video here 

Hats off to you Miss Betty Boop!


Women worrying they are fat - research came out this week by Travelodge that women worry that they are fat 3 times a day. Sadly I think that is being optimistic for most of us. 80% of us are depressed about our figure. I really wish this wasn't the case and that we could all be happy with what we've got. I can dream...

Snakeskin Manicure - WTF! For £150 you can get snakeskin put onto your nails. Unsurprisingly this trend comes from America but I can't see the appeal. Imagine what else you could spend £150 on! And you can get magnetic polish to give you a 'snakeskin effect' anyway. Bizarre.

Hairy pits! Pixie Lott was snapped at the new Batman film premiere looking fab...until you focused in on her underarms. Yes, that's right, she did 'a Julia'. Claiming she was between waxing appointments if you know you're going to be on a red carpet get the razor out!

Let me know your thoughts...have I been too harsh this week?!


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