Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Wei face pads

Another new beauty find for me. I'd never heard of Wei before but they are available at SpaceNK stores and their 'hero' product, what they're most known for, is their face pad.

I went for their classic repairing face treatment pads. They aim to 'correct imperfections to bring balance and restore an even healthy tone to the skin'. You only get six in a pack and at £55 they certainly ain't cheap! But I love love LOVE them. Definitely a treat for the skin, I've been using them once a week and I've never seen my skin look so radiant and glowing from first use. I'm converted!

You unpeel the face pad, place it over your face, peel off the blue top layer and leave for 10 minutes. It's so easy, no messing about with putting a liquid mask on and washing your hands. Allow it to work it's magic for 10 minutes whilst you relax or get on with your day - once it's on there's no worry that it will slip off!

I won't show you what it looks like on but needless to say it's quite funny! Wei say they are the authority on Chinese herbal beauty and what makes these face pads so amazing is the Gingko Leaf. This is known as the 'ageless leaf' in China and is used to reverse the signs of ageing. There is also White Tea Leaf, Reishi Mushroom, Bamboo Leaf plus many other weird and wonderful ingredients.

All I know is that after 10 minutes and peeling off the face pad my skin looked so radiant. You are left with some it on your face which you don't wash off. All you need to do is massage it in and let your skin soak it up to get the maximum benefit. I've been using these once a week and I'm so impressed.

Wei do other types of face treatment pads but this one is a winner for me!

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  1. These look wierd but also interesting - should put a pic up with one on! :) Might look into getting these next time I want to treat myself.

  2. I know, I'm not brave enough to show you that photo!! But I do truly recommend these as a skin treat xx