Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Summer Scent - DKNY Be Delicious

I am not easily swayed away from my precious Marc Jacobs Lola perfume but this one is a fresh daytime scent perfect for summer.

DKNY Be Delicious has been around a while so I'm a bit late to this but it's the only one I've tried recently to make me want to wear day after day. I'd wear this in the day then back to Lola for evenings which is a more sexy, musky fragrance.

The bottle is very cute in the shape of an apple and I like the way you swivel the top to open it rather than just simply pull it off. It's the simple things that amuse me!

The scent is very fresh and fruity, exactly like an apple! Apparently it also has notes of exotic flowers and woods but it's really the fruit that stands out.

It also lasts really well. I put it on in the morning and it definitely lasts until the end of the working day.

£45.50 for 50ml from The Perfume Shop right now


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