Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Soap & Glory Arch de Triumph

Being quite fair my eyebrows are naturally quite blonde and not prominent at all. This hasn't really bothered me in the past as I always thought I'd rather that than bushy ones. I pluck them every week or so but they don't need major maintenance.

However the other day I noticed this woman on my train doing her make-up and she was quite dark. Her eyebrows perfectly framed her face and made her look so striking I got brow envy! So I thought it was time to get myself my very first eyebrow pencil.

I was recommended this one by my mum, who obviously has similar colouring to me and so I thought I'd give Soap & Glory Arch de Triumph a shot.

This one combines an eyebrow pencil and a highlighter so everything you could possibly need to create striking but natural-looking eyebrows. I was a bit nervous at first that I might end up looking like a drag queen but I needn't have worried.

The eyebrow pencil is a light brown which works well for me. It wouldn't be so good for those with dark brown or black hair but for blondes, dark blondes, light brunettes, it looks very natural. And you can use a few little strokes or build it up to create your perfect look.

The pencil is really soft and glides on very easily. Start from the inside and work out to the edge so you don't go over the top. It is so easy and I love the result. You can see the difference between these before and after pics.



This has become one of my make-up essentials that I wear everyday now. The highlighter is really soft and easy to blend so it looks very natural as well.

I'd recommend anyone else who has fair hair and fine eyebrows to give it a whirl! Available at Boots for £8.00


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