Monday, 23 July 2012

NOTW: Barry M Neon Pink

This was actually my nail polish for the last half of the week and this weekend but I had to blog about it. Neon is so hot right now and it certainly brightened up my week! I have tried the Nails Inc neon pink but I have to say Barry M's is better in terms of colour and durability. This lasted SO well!

This polish is so pigmented that the colour is gorgeous. You know when you can't stop looking at your nails as they're so pretty! That. It's stunning and at first I was concerned that it was too bright but neon is such a cool trend right now I'd recommend everyone to try it.

Probably if you work somewhere strict you won't be able to get away with this as people definitely notice. But if you can then go for it! Being so bright I was concerned that it would be really noticeable when it chipped. But this didn't chip one bit. Honestly! I don't know if neon makes it stronger but I haven't had a polish last this well in a long long time.

In the sun it is so stunning. I urge you all to embrace the neon! Especially with the sun shining this week.



  1. Came across your blog today via Twitter, love the reviews. Keep up the good work.

    Please take a look at mine if you've got a minute, I'm just starting out!

    1. Oh wow thanks so much for the great feedback! Always good to hear xx

  2. I just purchased this Barry M colour and absolutely LOVE it :)