Wednesday, 25 July 2012

New Famous Spot Light Lipgloss

The cosmetics range Famous by Sue Moxley is having a relaunch and is simply being called Famous x. One of the most exciting relaunches I think is the Spotlight Lipgloss which smells gorgeous, looks pretty and lights up as the name suggests!

I got the new Bombshell colour which is quite a subtle, light pink. This lipgloss is full of practicality which I love! There is a mirror on one side, and the cap lights up. Love it!

It also smells amazing. Which I know isn't top of the list when it comes to what you want from a lip gloss but when you open it up, the vanilla scent is beautiful. So nice I had to mention it!

The colour itself is very subtle and wouldn't be to everyone's taste but I really like it. It's very pretty and the gloss is fairly thick which means you don't need to apply much. It's very glossy obviously but isn't sparkly so a grown-up colour.

Check out the new range at It is available at Superdrug as well as online. The Spotlight Lipgloss is reduced at the moment, at just £2.99!


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