Thursday, 5 July 2012

Miners Mood Gloss

Here is something fun for the summer and as it came in a special Miners festival kit I'll definitely be wearing it to Wireless festival this weekend.

The Miners mood gloss does everything a lip gloss normally does but it has the added fun extra of changing colour over time!! It's magic. It comes out quite a sparkly white nude colour and then deepens to a pretty pink over time on your lips. It reacts to your own ph levels so the colour you get is unique to you. Clever eh?!

Don't assume the colour will change loads as it didn't for me. But then with Mood Gloss surely it'll be different for every person. With me it ended a really pretty pearly light pink which is very shiny with a bit of sparkle. Very girly! It also really moisturises your lips which at the end of the day is what you want.

This is how it looks when I first put the mood gloss on:

And then after a minute or so:

See not much of a difference! Probably more of a gimmick then a reason to buy it but I do really like this product. It makes my lips really soft, you barely need any so the tube will last a long time. It's also a handy size for your handbag so when I take my small bag to Wireless this will definitely be included!

Only £2.49 at



  1. Yeah I agree, it does seem quite gimmicky but also quite fun! I would definitely spend 2.49 to see what the phd on my lips does hahah x

  2. Exactly, it's a fun product which you don't take too seriously!! xx