Tuesday, 24 July 2012

L'Oreal Crystal Sparkling Shampoo and Conditioner

I debated with myself whether to write this post as I usually only write about the things I adore, hence my blog's name! But this is most definitely something I do not adore, and I think it's a bit of a con so I wanted to share.

L'Oreal brought out their sparkly pink shampoo and conditioner and because I'm a girly girl I was quite excited by this! It looks cool, it comes out really shimmering in your palm and I hoped it did exactly what it promised which is to make your hair gorgeous and shiny.

Unfortunately I have to say it did nothing. I didn't notice anything special about my hair after using it, and I even think it made my hair greasier. I normally wash it every other day but it never looks too greasy. But by the second day with this shampoo and conditioner it looked really greasy. A definite bad hair day.

Needless to say I stopped using it after a couple of uses. I think I was sucked in by the pink sparkle! I would be interested to hear from brunettes who have tried this. Maybe it works better on brunettes as shine is more obvious than on blondes.

Let me know if you have tried it!


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