Friday, 29 June 2012

What's Hot; What's Not

I haven't done this for a while, so here we go again! The very latest beauty news...


Lush's first cosmetic collection - called Emotional Brilliance, Lush's first foray into make-up launches 21st July. And expect a stampede. All products are vegan and an Emotional Brilliance Wheel gives you options such as Confident and Glamorous to specify a personalised colour reading. I'm sure all the products will be really high-quality and I can't wait to get my reading.

Crayola nail polishes - crayons for grown-ups, what could be better than nail polishes!? Simply PR spin or product genius? You must all know I am obsessed with nail polish so this is super exciting to me. Unfortunately only available in the US, hopefully Crayola will send them this side of the pond as well! Great colours...not sure about the quality but they are very cute.

Rihanna at Hackney Weekend - Unfortunately I wasn't at this festival but I did watch some acts on TV. One of them was Rihanna and although her outfit was very questionable I loved her make-up. Flawless skin, deep red glossy lips and very cute eyeliner. I will be getting more creative with my eyeliner. She had a 'double line winged flick thing' going on. Simple but a statement. LOVE!


YSL to SLP - bit late to this party but this definitely deserves a mention. Last week it was announced YSL will be changing their name to SLP (Saint Laurent Paris). The new Creative Director is obviously trying to make their mark but I don't like it. Apparently the logo will remain the same, which begs the question, why do it??

Saggy boobs - OK OK, it's quite inevitable as we get older but this week super-slim Bo from The Voice showed it doesn't only happen to older women or those who have breast-fed. Make sure you don't neglect them ladies - moisturise, do certain exercises and sports bras are your best friends.

Give us a smile! The Spice Girls are back (woop woop!!) and I personally cannot wait to see Viva Forever later this year. They do still all look incredible and I especially loved Emma's natural-looking radiant make-up, volumised hair and beaming smile. But couldn't Posh have given us a bit of a smile?! Bit of downer...she looked like she really didn't want to be there.

Let me know what you think! What's been hot and not for you?



  1. Posh always looks so glum doesn't she?! The Crayola nail polishes sound interesting! Defo a bit of a gimick going on but still sound cute!xx

    1. I guess it's her look! Shame the Crayola nail polishes are only available in America, I'm such a sucker!! xx

  2. I love your hot and not posts! :-)
    Don't get the YSL name change, no ones going to call it Saint Laurent Paris are they, especially if they don't change their branding!! Stupid.
    How random about the Crayola varnishes!! x

    1. Awww thanks hun, always good to hear such nice feedback. I think the whole SLP thing is just someone wanting to stamp their authority on things...probably won't actually change a thing! Love the Crayola varnishes! xx