Friday, 1 June 2012

What's Hot, What's Not

This week's Hot and Not in the beauty world. Do you agree?


Marc Jacobs Dot - I love Marc Jacobs' perfumes. The bottles are amazing, the smells really unique and I'm a massive fan of Lola. My parents have just bought me a HUGE bottle of it back from their holiday. So I am crazy excited for the launch of his new female fragrance, Dot, which comes out exclusively at Harvey Nichols from 7th July and then nationwide from 25th July. With the main scents of berries, dragonfruit and honeysuckle plus a typically crazy bottle I can't wait.

James Read tanning range - James Read is a tanning legend. He has worked with everyone from L'Oreal to Fake Bake to St. Tropez and is the one of the celebrities and those in the know go to for that perfect fake tan. And finally he has used his impressive knowledge and skills to launch his own range. Fragrance-free, the range includes a Liquid Tan, Gradual Tan Body and Face as well as a Wash-Off tan. Most excitingly there will be the first-ever BB gradual tanning product which bronzes skin, covers imperfections, hydrates and illuminates. Another innovation is a BB Face Pen which has a brush head allowing the product to be applied on the go. From £18.50 it will be available at Harvey Nichols and QVC later this month.

Magazine freebies - Yet again this month's magazines have a plethora of beauty goodies to indulge in. They came out yesterday and I almost hyperventilated whilst looking at them in WHSmith's! The best of the bunch are Benefit's Porefessional with Glamour and Ciate nail varnish with Marie Claire. The only downside is having to decide which colour or product you want - unless you can afford to buy them all!


Another tanorexic - Yet another woman has been in the papers this week who takes sunbeds WAY too far. Reported as saying she'd rather be dead and tanned than alive and pale, there is something seriously wrong with this woman. Plus she has spent a whopping $50,000 on sunbeds and shows no sign of stopping. There needs to be a rehab for tanning addicts.

Big ones - A study came out this week which suggests have large breasts can take 5 years off your life due to the associated pain and even curvature of the spine in extreme cases, plus exercise can be really difficult. Who wants breast implants now??

Madonna - sorry to all the fans out there but she is becoming more and more like a man with her bulging biceps and highly visible veins. This is her on her current tour. Eat some more woman!

Happy Jubilee everyone. Have a fantastic extra long weekend whatever you get up to.



  1. I certainly agree about Madonna, AND I hear her music EVERYTIME I'm in H&M now!!! What's with that?! I find her a little creepy...!
    The perfume bottle is sooo cute! I'll have to give the Lola perfume a sniff next time I'm in Boots or what have you, as I've never actually smelt it!xx

    1. Yes you have to try it! There's Lola and Oh Lola but I prefer the original Lola. Can't wait to smell this new one! And thank God someone else finds Madonna creepy! Musical legend but what is up with those arms?!! xx

    2. Put your thumb over her head in the picture you posted of her... I can imagine her being a man haha (with fishnets on)!xx

    3. Hahahaha this has literally made me LOL! xx

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  3. I've never tried Marc Jacobs perfume but the bottles are so cute! Defiantly going to test it out :)

    On a more depressing note, I cant believe how happy people are to damage themselves my using sunbeds that much! Last year there was a 17 year old who had skin cancer from using sunbeds since the age of 12 - crazy. I think fake tan can look really nice if applied properly and without the lasting damage.


    1. Marc Jacobs always designs the best perfume bottles! It shouldn't really matter but I'm a sucker for them. And I agree about the sunbeds, there should be more laws surrounding their usage xx

  4. I don't understand why they think that much of a tan looks good wrong its just wrong!