Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Pedikur Hand and Foot Cream

I was sent this by the lovely guys at Pedikur. It's nothing fancy or glamorous but it gets the job done. I have dry skin and this is true of my hands and feet as well as my face. I'm constantly putting hand cream on, especially after washing my hands, and my feet need moisturising after a shower or they feel awful. So I was thrilled to get this product.

I won't lie, the smell is very strong. It smells herbal and quite medicinal so not the most pleasant but it's not revolting either. Just be prepared when you open it up! It has sage, thyme and rosemary, hence the herbal scent.

The consistency is great, quite thick so that you don't need much but it melts into the skin really fast. My feet were in dire need of moisturising when I first tried this product and it did the trick. I did need to keep applying more of it as I massaged it in but this may have been due to how dry my feet were.

They also gave me little moisturising socks which I wore overnight to get the maximum benefit of this cream. Anyway, the main point is that my feet are much softer and smoother now. Does what it says on the tin!!

Only £10, take a look at


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