Thursday, 7 June 2012

NEW! Barry M Chameleon Nail Polish

Barry M has done it again. Always the leader of the pack in terms of new nail varnish, their latest addition to their range is chameleon nail polish.

Out today in Superdrug stores and next week at Boots, there are three different colours to choose from, which then turn to another colour by simply applying clear nail varnish over the top. Oh the fun you can have!

And I did have a lot of fun creating different patterns last night. I don't have a very steady hand so mine are quite basic compared to what I'm sure a lot of you will be able to do. I went for the Pink Chameleon which then turns to a deep purple.

The base colour is really pretty, a kind of metallic rose. I'd be happy just having this colour to be honest. It is also really pigmented so that you don't even need a second coat. I applied one just out of habit but you could easily just have one coat if you're in a rush.

Then whilst the second coat was still fairly wet I created my effects using my top coat and it immediately starts to change colour. Magic! You get the full colour within about a minute of applying which came out as a really deep purple. You don't need a special clear nail varnish (which I must admit at first I thought you did, blonde moment!), any will do. I found that if you want the purple to be even deeper simply apply another coat of the clear polish.

It does seem to matter when you apply this though. On my right hand last night I decided just to have my ring finger as purple, but then this morning decided to try it on alternate nails. I've applied some clear polish on my index finger and it's not quite the same shade of purple. Not a huge difference but not completely the same. It still looks cool and I quite like it being slightly different but thought I would mention it.

Also you obviously can't apply a top coat so I'm not sure how long-wearing it will be. I shall report back! It does seem very good typical Barry M quality though and I've had no chips so far...

Only £3.99 these polishes are yet again another bargain from Barry M. Very tempted to get the other shades, but I need to be quick as they won't stick around for long!



  1. I've been into two Superdrugs and no luck getting my hands on this yet! Can't decide whether to get this colour or the blue... maybe I'll just get both ;-) x

    1. I would just get as many as you can when you see them! xx

  2. That is so neat! Can't wait to hear how long it lasts!