Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Dinner with a Difference - Foodcycle

A slightly different post for me today but one which I felt was definitely worth writing.

Last week my friend invited me out for a ten course dinner extravaganza. I immediately said yes of course! Then I found out more about it and discovered the meal was in aid of a charity called Foodcycle.

They take wasted food which is perfectly edible and give it the homeless, elderly, poor, whoever needs a decent meal really. Seems a very sensible idea. Supermarkets throw away a huge amount of food every day which can still be made into great meals. And I found out 4 million people in the UK are suffering from 'food poverty'.

So off I went to the Fleet River Bakery for an incredible feast. As we walked in we were greeted with some champagne and yummy crudites with a yummy beetroot dip. Our chef, Tom Hunt, then took us through what he had in store for us including a rolled pig's head porchetta which had taken 12 hours to make!

Needless to say the food was beautiful especially some perfectly cooked pollock, and the chocolate torte to finish the evening was sensational! We cleared our plates very quickly.

This charity deserves more awareness as it makes a lot of sense to me that we shouldn't waste as much as we do when there are so many people in this country going hungry.

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  1. This sounds very interesting, I shall go visit the website, no doubt there are none near me though :( x