Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Benefit Porefessional

One of my favourite magazine beauty freebies this month has to be Benefit's Porefessional with Glamour. I snapped it up straight away!

I've read a lot of other beauty bloggers raving about this product but at £23.50 this sample was the perfect way to try it out before committing much money. Unfortunately the sample really is tiny at 7.5ml (compared to the full-sized 22ml) but from the first use I was hooked!

The shade is quite pale and even though Benefit say it suits all skin types I don't think it would work for darker skins but it was fine for me. It is a super smooth lotion which minimises pores and fines lines - genius! And my skin really did feel like silk after applying this. It felt so luxurious.

I have fairly dry skin and I was a bit worried that the formula is oil-free but it didn't dry my skin at all. I can imagine for oily skins this product is a dream to mattify and prevent the skin getting too shiny. They recommend applying Porefessional on the T-zone for this very reason. Plus is has Vitamin E to combat free radicals - bonus! I've been wearing it alone to even out my skin tone or under make-up to get even better results.

Once this sample runs out (sob!) I'll be rushing to a Benefit counter to buy the real deal.


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