Friday, 11 May 2012

What's Hot, What's Not

This week's Hot and Not!


Magazine freebies - they all seem to be offering some fantastic beauty product at the moment...I limited myself to three this week but wanted more! Get yourself to a newsagents fast.

Mascarathon - Benefit has teamed up with charity Refuge to create their run which starts in Edinburgh and then goes down the country, covering most of the major cities, finishing in London. Each runner does 2 miles to mark the two women each week who lose their lives to domestic violence. If you fancy getting involved go to

Ciate in Selfridges - Ciate opened their pop-up shop in Selfridges yesterday. Only there for a week, it's the only place to buy their infamous Caviar Manicure at-home kit in either black, white or rainbow. Priced at £18 each, I'm struggling to decide which one I should get! Also available online.


Body hair - it's not a feminist statement, it just plain wrong. Men haven't won anything if we shave! We're not conforming to 'artificial gender norms' as this lady on This Morning claims. No, no, no!

Pale skin....but don't go too far - It seemed every celebrity walking the Met Gala red carpet had a sunkissed glow about them. There's no denying that a tan makes most of us feel better about our bodies and looks healthier. However don't go too crazy on the fake tan. H&M are in a spot of bother this week about their recent ad with a deeply tanned model.

Pointy nails - I know it's the latest trend and it's supposed to make your fingers look longer and thinner, similar to stilettos for the legs! But to me it just looks witchy and really really impractical.

What do you think?

And of course this week we lost a true beauty legend that went on to influence and inspire so many people in the beauty industry. RIP Vidal Sassoon.


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