Friday, 4 May 2012

What's Hot, What's Not

What I'm sure you've been waiting for all week - What's Hot and What's Not!


Shake Weights - featured in a slightly questionable episode of Made in Chelsea with Cheska and Binky (if you haven't seen the show, yes these are actually what they are called!). However it definitely had an impact with sales tripling afterwards. The perfect way to tone your arms and chest (even if you do feel like a muppet doing it) maybe I should try it out! Only £19.95

Textured nails! I'm obsessed with nail varnish and the new things that come out. And it seems the next step is to make your nails feel good as well as look good. It started with Ciate's caviar manicure. Now L'Oreal are launching textured nail wraps which look very cool (although I struggle with wraps, those pesky air bubbles will never smooth out) and Original Sugar are launching their Velveteen manicure later this month - can't wait!

Rosie Huntingdon-Whiteley for M&S - the perfect combo for a gorgeous new lingerie line, Rosie by Autograph. Very excited by this! 33 pieces launching this September


Britannia ranges - Ciate, Tangle Teezer, MUJI...they all announced 'Britannia' limited edition designs for Jubilee/Olympic mania. Over. It.

Taking a 5 year old to have a sunbed - if you haven't heard about this story just take a look at the Mum. No no no...

Spoons - Miranda Kerr announced this week she uses the back of a spoon against her lashes to curl them. Hmmm not so sure about that but maybe it's because I'm a bit weird about things getting near my eyes! Her other beauty tips including body brushing and Trilogy's Rosehip oil were much more sensible!


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