Thursday, 10 May 2012

Unreal Bronzing Mousse & Body Buff!

After coming back from travelling my tan has faded with every dreary day that goes by. So I was very excited when Unreal Fake Tan offered to send me their bronzing mousse and body buff exfoliator. Sunkissed here I come! However I was also a bit cautious with trying a new fake tan brand.

I shouldn't have been though. I genuinely love their products. I am now a big fan of the Body Buff. It has lots of beads in it so you really feel like it's doing something, without it drying out the skin. I've used exfoliators in the past which don't seem to really do anything. This one makes your skin feel so soft it's amazing. It has mango, shea and coconut butter. I'm hooked on it!

With the bronzing mousse I tried first of all on just my legs (told you I was wary about it!). It's a mousse formula which goes on really easily and evenly and sinks into the skin very quickly with no stickiness at all.

I then advanced to tanning my whole body. Again, very easy and I woke up to a beautiful even tan. It is quite a light tan so looks really natural which I like, but for those who want a deeper glow you could build it up to the right tone for you. It would be great for pale skin with just one application.

Hopefully you can see my natural tanned arm and hand here (getting new camera soon!)

There was no marks left on my bedsheets and again nothing on my white towel after showering. I think that is a big test! I've had many towels discoloured by fake tans. The Unreal Bronzing Mousse contains antioxidants as well as vitamin E and hylaronic acid to care for your skin. Bonus! As with all fake tans it does have that 'biscuit' smell but not as strong as others I've tried and by the morning the smell had gone.

The Unreal Body Buff is priced at £12.61 and the Bronzing Mousse is £19.25 from They have free UK shipping for this month as well!


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