Thursday, 3 May 2012

NOTW - MeMeMe Vivacious

When choosing my nail colour I normally plump for something a bit different, unusual or what's really on-trend for this season. I find pink a bit boring and safe. Pink isn't going to get compliments. But this week I've been wearing MeMeMe's Vivacious and it's brilliant!

As with all MeMeMe varnishes I love the thick brush. It means you can do your nails super fast. Two strokes and you're done! It was also really fast-drying and hasn't chipped all week (yet!).

It's quite a bright pink but I think that's why I like it. With Vivacious you can still make a statement with your nails without going crazy - probably perfect for those of you who have a job which would frown upon the more wacky colours!

I'm definitely coming around to pinks - no longer boring!

Only £4.50, take a look at


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