Monday, 7 May 2012

New Rococo Rock & Royal

My nails this weekend have been a classically beautiful red courtesy of Rococo's new collection, Rock & Royal, a red, white and blue set especially for this patriotic year!

Launched exclusively in SpaceNK stores this month, the red is called V.I.P. and comes in a beautiful box. I thought perhaps it was unnecessary packaging but it does make the varnish a bit more special which is what Rococo stands for, calling it 'nail apparel'. You can certainly tell it's very good quality.

Two coats gave a lovely stand-out red which is certain to get attention.

It's been my Nail of the Weekend for this Bank Hol and has continued to look beautiful all weekend. Only now is it starting to chip. So maybe it wouldn't last a whole week but for special occasions it's a winner.

If I was clever enough, or steady-handed enough, I would try a Union Jack design with the other white and blue in the collection - Lab Nude 1.0 and City Slick...but I'm not!

£24 from SpaceNK stores and online.

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