Monday, 28 May 2012

Barry M Metallic Nail Polish

I was very excited to try the Barry M magnetic nail varnish, and went for the 'star' design in a deep, steel blue which is simply called Magnetic Blue. It's the one over all their promotional material.

I have to be honest the first time I tried it the effect didn't really work. I think it was because I was in a bit of a rush but I also think you do need practice with these things. Most people I've spoken to haven't been able to do it straight away. So here are my tips!

Apply your base coat and then one coat of the nail polish. It's quite rich in colour so one coat gives you a good colour. I normally would then apply the second coat straight away in a normal manicure but for this allow the first coat to dry a little before you start the second, most important coat.

The magnet part of the varnish comes off the top and has a little ridge on one side which is where you place your finger (and hopefully don't touch the magnet with your nail!). I didn't realise this first time round and just put the magnet over my nails any way which I think is another reason it didn't work.

Then do your nails one by one. Apply quite a thick coat and then get your finger in position with the magnet. Ideally you want the centre of the magnet to be over the centre of your nail, but as long as you're near enough it's fine. Barry M say hold it there for 5 seconds, but just to be sure I tend to do it for 10. The pattern does appear instantly. It's so cool like magic!! Then a top coat and you're done.

And once you've practiced it the pattern is amazing. I'm absolutely addicted now! And I don't know if the magnetic nail varnish is harder wearing but it lasts ages without chipping. The perfect nail varnish! And you get loads of nice comments as it's really eye-catching. Plus in the sun these past few days they have really sparkled!

It's quite difficult to capture the effect in a photo but I hope this one gives you an idea.

Yes I'm obsessed now! Would recommend everyone to try and don't get disheartened if you don't get it straight away. Let me know how you all get on.



  1. I'll give mine another go, great tips! x

    1. Hope it helps! Let me know how you get on xx

  2. I have the Burgundy one also but I'm tempted to get all the collection as each colour gives you a different pattern when you use the magnet.

    I've used the two I have quite a few times and Ive usually ended up with a slightly different pattern each time which I think is quite cool :)


    1. Yes it's always different which I love! Would you recommend the burgundy one? What pattern does that give you? xx

  3. Thanks for your tips, I'll try again. I did give up on this nail polish, but I'll persevere! Kay

  4. I love it. The colors are terrific, it enhances the beauty of nails. It is very interesting to have like this kind of polishes. Thanks for the post.

  5. I've been meaning to try these but worry theyare too fiddly for me!
    Great post!
    Maybe we could follow each other?