Friday, 13 April 2012

What's Hot; What's Not

What you've been waiting for all week....this week's Hot and Not!!


aMuse magazine - launching on the 30th April, this is a new, completely free, monthly lifestyle glossy magazine. Very excited for the beauty pages. If it can follow in the footsteps of Stylist, with even more great content, I'm sure all us London girls will be very happy!

Adele - announced as the richest young singer this week, she is amazing! She hasn't bowed to pressure to lose weight and is still super-successful, showing you can be yourself and is an amazing role model. Plus did anyone see her performance at the Royal Albert Hall? Wow, I was in tears!!

David Beckham for Elle magazine - they had the photoshoot this week and are obviously not giving us any clue on what he'll be wearing. Hopefully minimal clothing. So until we get to see it, here's a treat to kick off your weekend


Aintree - yet again the Liverpool races lived up to its tradition of women wearing ridiculously unflattering clothes and make-up. Scouse brows (of course!), fake tan and bronzer overkill seemed to be the worst beauty offenders of the day!

Laura Hogg - for those out there who saw The Apprentice this week, we now have a new Samantha Brick, with Laura Hogg claiming how difficult it is to be a beautiful businesswoman. I know it's great to have good self-esteem and be confident but in this country modesty also goes a long way. Being successful, kind, considerate and fun are way more beautiful. I do want to know what eyeliner she uses though...

'Living doll' on Youtube - Venus Palermo made headlines this week by reaching 10 million hits on her Youtube site. She is a 15 year old girl who dresses like a doll and does her make-up and hair to become a doll. Who wants to look like a doll?? One word - weird.

Happy Friday everyone!

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