Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Top 5 Body Lotions

Continuing my dry skin theme, today's post focuses on my favourite body lotions. I have dry skin which fortunately means I hardly get spots, but unfortunately means I'll have more wrinkles than more oily women :-( So after a shower I have to use body lotion, otherwise my skin feels very tight and uncomfortable. Whether you use body lotion everyday like me, or once in a while as a treat here are my Top Five:

Soap & Glory Righteous Butter - this is heavenly! A light lotion it feels nice and luxurious and melts into the skin very quickly. Very good quality. It smells wonderful too and is a snip at just £10.50 at Boots for 250ml.
Sanctuary Mande Lular - even though every body lotion I mention here I love, I have to say that this one is my favourite. It is absolutely gorgeous. A 'body souffle' it has a wonderful texture that leaves your skin velvety soft. Probably not an 'everyday' body lotion, this smells really exotic and is more of a treat if your skin is extremely dry or just before a date! Priced at £10.50 at Boots for 475ml, it is actually better value than Soap & Glory.
Palmer's Cocoa Butter Lotion - a classic, super-cheap, it gives you great results every day. The lotion is quite thick but it sinks in without having to massage it too much. Made from 100% cocoa butter with added Vitamin E this had to be in my Top Five. Only £3.79 for 250ml, a bargain!

Garnier Intensive 7 Days - I came across this when I was travelling and it was intensive enough to be used as an after-sun yet light enough to use every day for me. I went for the one with Shea Butter for dry to extra dry skin but Garnier has a range for all skin types. I'd really recommend it. Probably doesn't last 7 days like they claim but still a very good body lotion. £2.99 for 250ml.

Vaseline Intensive Rescue - the one I'm using at the moment, you know you're going to get a good moisturising product from Vaseline. Their Intensive Rescue range has glycerine which they claim 'relieves dryness and increases moisture reserves'. A fancy way of saying it moisturises deep into the skin and keeps it looking healthy. Only lightly fragranced you don't notice much scent at all. Vaseline have focused on what the lotion actually does which I think is best! £3.49 for 200ml.

I haven't done this in any real order. My favourite is Sanctuary's but it's richer, more luxurious and not to everyone's preference. It depends on your budget and skin type.

What's your favourite body lotion? Would you add any more to this list? Let me know!


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