Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Review: L'Oreal Rouge Caresse in Fushcia

I haven't been this excited about a new beauty product for a while. There are countless adverts on TV for the next lipstick so I was quite wary to not expect much from L'Oreal's new offering. It appealed to me because of the emphasis on how light and delicate it was with just a hint of colour.

I'm normally a girl who focuses on my eyes with make-up rather than lips so a little smidge of colour which isn't going to dry out my lips or make me lick my lips constantly sounded like a winner.

I plumped for the 202 Impulsive Fuschia shade as the others available either seemed too dark or light and I would absolutely recommend it as the shade for blondes.

L'Oreal really do deliver with this lipstick. Everything they say is correct such as it being lightweight, sheer, soft. It feels like quite an intensive lipbalm with just a quick stroke of the lipstick with a little hint of colour which I think looks very sexy. And the colour stays just as long as any of the heavyweight lip stains on the market at the moment.

This plus a little eyeliner and mascara gives a flawless, understated beauty look for day. For night use two applications to build up the colour slightly and go heavier on the black'll make everyone want to caresse your lips! (Too much of a pun?! Haha)

Have you bought one yet? If so and it's a different colour let me know if you think it would suit I may just be tempted to buy another!!

Well done L'Oreal,


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