Thursday, 5 April 2012

NOTW - A Wintery Chanel Fantastic

It seems to have backtracked to winter again so I've done the same and plumped for a winter berry shade for my nails this week. Chanel's Fantastic is a gorgeously sumptuous deep red that is a classic for cold days.

Unfortunately the photo isn't the best quality and makes it look quite purple in colour, but I assure you it is a deep red! It has a slight shimmer which makes your nails really stand out without being too over the top.

(Hopefully this image gives you a clearer idea of the shade!)

I've often found that Chanel's nail varnishes chip quite quickly but I've had this shade on since Monday and it's lasting really well. Plus it really suits this cold and wintery weather...a neon right now just wouldn't feel right!

What are you rocking right now?



  1. V. Pretty Colour x

  2. Thanks lovely. I suppose you would expect nothing less from Chanel! xx