Saturday, 31 March 2012

What's Hot; What's Not

Sorry for the slight delay on Hot and Not this week....drumroll please!


Mad Men style - it's back and with a bang! Classic glamour, classic make-up and classic body shapes! Whilst I couldn't wear inch-thick make-up like these girls, I love the big lashes and eyeliner with ruby lips - a winner every time.

Literally hot was this week! Wow wasn't our summer lovely?! Officially over now, I am back in jumpers and Uggs but I did love those few days of making sure I was covered in SPF, getting tan lines and wearing sunkissed make-up. Sigh.

Jessie J - LOVING her at the moment. And loving The Voice. Brilliant show. But the star has to be Jessie. I thought her dip-dyed purple hair looked gorgeous with her blunt, super-shiny black do. Combined with quite natural make-up and a somewhat questionable outfit she looked awesome. Big fan.


Purple eyeshadow - yes I forgot to put this in last week but fortunately, or unfortunately, the 'violet vixen' was back on our screens this week! Sadly she is no more. I don't have a huge thing against purple eyeshadow but the way she wore it was so severe and ALWAYS co-ordinated to a purple shirt. Entertainment = 10/10. Beauty = 2/10!

Victoria Beckham saying she's the 'average size' of the British woman. Deluded much? And also plain stupid. Don't pretend you're average anything! In an interview for Harper's magazine, she said she represented the general public. With the average in this country being around a size 16 and VB being around a 6 that's quite a difference. Maybe this is why she doesn't speak much!

Let me know if you agree, disagree. It seems this week purple hair is good, purple eyeshadow is bad!


  1. Ha ha x this post made me laugh for some reason x don't know if it's vb's deluded comment or the violet vixen x following you now x:)

  2. Thanks! I'm really going to miss the violet vixen this week...may wear purple eyeshadow all week to compensate!!!