Friday, 23 March 2012

What's Hot; What's Not

This week's What's Hot and you agree?!


  • Sunny weather! This weekend looks set to definitely be the start of Spring and with the clocks going forward this Saturday night (set a reminder!) we can look forward to hotter weather and longer evenings!!! Give me a yay!

  • Lily Cole as the face of The Body Shop - a very cool collaboration with Lily as their very first brand ambassador, announced just last night. She will be championing their new 'Beauty with Heart' campaign as well as giving her name to their Cruelty-Free Make-Up Collection. A perfect fit I think!

  • Real women - Evans have launched their campaign with four 'real women' modelling their plus-size clothing. Anyone who does this deserves to be applauded, it gives a really great positive body image to young girls and women in the country. And don't they look amazing?


  • Roots - I think you know my feelings on's not a good look. Rihanna get down to your stylist!

  • The new Olympic kit for Team GB - as designed by Stella McCartney (if that's meant to make it more special?!). Firstly the kit doesn't seem remarkable at all, and the X in the middle of it reminds me of The X Factor - or is that just me?! Secondly, what is Stella wearing? Looks like she just got out of bed!

  • Kate Middleton - sorry to all the fans out there but I'm so bored of seeing her on every magazine cover...and she's far too skinny. Get her a Maccy D's!!!
Have a fantastic weekend everyone, soaking up the sun!


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