Friday, 2 March 2012

What I've missed most

Now I'm back home with all my lovely, lovely beauty products I'd like to do a little round-up of those I missed the most!

  1. Urban Decay Gridlock eyeshadow. I have NEVER found another eyeshadow that makes blue eyes look so gorgeous. Having used the same one whilst travelling (it came in a smaller box to put in the suitcase), I really missed this. It makes me feel utterly beautiful and gives me great, twinkly eyes.
  2. Soap and Glory Hocus Focus. This seemed like a make-up luxury not needed on my travels. Especially for this season where luminous, flawless skin is key this product does all the work for you. A little dabbed on cheekbones, or a lot dabbed everywhere, gives you glowing skin everyone will be envious of.
  3. All my lipglosses!! I can't narrow it down. What I've missed is having all the different options depending on my my suitcase I had just two. But I am definitely partial to the Revlon Lip Stains.
  4. Having my nails done. I had one (yes ONE) nail varnish, a pretty pink...but still I had just a pretty pink. Now I have metallics, pearls, brights, mattes, nail effects.......oh so spoilt!!!
  5. Jewellery. I know not technically a beauty product jewellery makes me feel beautiful. And I've missed being spoilt for choice in the mornings for what to particular my sparkly Swarovski rings. I love the bling!!

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