Thursday, 29 March 2012

Top 5...Products for the Sun!

Let the sun shine, let the sun shine!! Well it may only be for one more day but here are my Top 5 products to keep you looking gorgeous, cool and lobster-free whilst out and about:

Slap on some fake tan! Especially when it's only March and most people's pins haven't seen the light of day for months, we need a little help for a 'base tan'. St Tropez have just launched their new Dark range for if you're naturally blessed with dark, olive skin. Otherwise Fake Bake Light is great or I like L'Oreal Sublime Bronze. However you apply (I would always use gloves/a mitt) you can never exfoliate too much!! Shave the day before and moisturise a lot before applying and every day after. The result - flawless, glowing skin! Always a winner.

Piz Buin One Day Long SPF 15. I would never go below SPF 15 but go higher if you wish! I just love this stuff. It is more expensive than 'normal' sunscreens but the beauty of this is you can put it on and it lasts about 6 hours (not quite a whole day!) so you don't have to remember to reapply all the time. Beauty laziness at it's best!

Don't forget your hair! Most of us colour our hair, even if it's just some subtle highlights but then most of us leave our hair unprotected in the sun to dry out, fade and become brittle. For hair care you can't really get much better than Kerastase. And their new Huile Celeste sun protection range is lightweight, silky and even has shimmery particles to make your hair glisten even more! Plus you know you're getting quality with Kerastase.

Or your lips! Our lips are one of the thinnest areas of skin and therefore easily sunburnt. So are our eyelids but these are usually covered with some sunglasses. However, Boots No.7 have come up with a genius product in the way of their new Lip & Eye Screen with SPF 30. Perfect to apply to both lids and lips, it is water resistant, super-moisturising and gives a beautiful, subtle shimmer.

Barry M Bold Waterproof Mascara. With your shimmering hair, skin, lips and eyes you'll look like a sunshine goddess! All that is needed is a slick of mascara (waterproof just in case you manage to blag a pool party!) and you're good to go. Barry M's Bold promises not to budge for at least six hours and does both lengthening and volumising.

Let me know your sun essentials!!


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