Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Are Roots Cool??!

One downside of travelling for months is that now I have crazy roots. Normally I'm all blonde with gorgeous highlights. My natural hair colour isn't very dark so whilst travelling it wasn't an issue as my hair lightened naturally in the sun.

However since being back in the UK and therefore not in the sun as much, my roots have darkened and become more obvious. I've become much more self-conscious about it, and looking through my first travelling photos when I was all blonde, I can't wait to get my hair sorted. As well as the sun not making my roots seem as apparent I also didn't trust any other salon on my travels. Amazing how loyal we are when it comes to our hairdressers!

So highlights here I come! Tomorrow I will be going to the wonderful Neville's salon in Knightsbridge. I really cannot wait as whilst a little bit of hair regrowth I believe is OK, I don't like having half my hair a different colour to what it should be!

I could pretend I'm 'on-trend' with the likes of Rihanna and Sarah Jessica Parker who sport really dark roots with their mostly blonde hair, but the truth is I don't like roots. I don't think it's a good look. Apart from making me think 'you really need to get to your salon' I also think it looks a bit dirty...maybe what Rihanna's going for!! I love Ri-Ri but she needs to get her roots seen I will tomorrow.

Let me know your thoughts...roots - trend or laziness!??


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