Saturday, 31 March 2012

What's Hot; What's Not

Sorry for the slight delay on Hot and Not this week....drumroll please!


Mad Men style - it's back and with a bang! Classic glamour, classic make-up and classic body shapes! Whilst I couldn't wear inch-thick make-up like these girls, I love the big lashes and eyeliner with ruby lips - a winner every time.

Literally hot was this week! Wow wasn't our summer lovely?! Officially over now, I am back in jumpers and Uggs but I did love those few days of making sure I was covered in SPF, getting tan lines and wearing sunkissed make-up. Sigh.

Jessie J - LOVING her at the moment. And loving The Voice. Brilliant show. But the star has to be Jessie. I thought her dip-dyed purple hair looked gorgeous with her blunt, super-shiny black do. Combined with quite natural make-up and a somewhat questionable outfit she looked awesome. Big fan.


Purple eyeshadow - yes I forgot to put this in last week but fortunately, or unfortunately, the 'violet vixen' was back on our screens this week! Sadly she is no more. I don't have a huge thing against purple eyeshadow but the way she wore it was so severe and ALWAYS co-ordinated to a purple shirt. Entertainment = 10/10. Beauty = 2/10!

Victoria Beckham saying she's the 'average size' of the British woman. Deluded much? And also plain stupid. Don't pretend you're average anything! In an interview for Harper's magazine, she said she represented the general public. With the average in this country being around a size 16 and VB being around a 6 that's quite a difference. Maybe this is why she doesn't speak much!

Let me know if you agree, disagree. It seems this week purple hair is good, purple eyeshadow is bad!

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Top 5...Products for the Sun!

Let the sun shine, let the sun shine!! Well it may only be for one more day but here are my Top 5 products to keep you looking gorgeous, cool and lobster-free whilst out and about:

Slap on some fake tan! Especially when it's only March and most people's pins haven't seen the light of day for months, we need a little help for a 'base tan'. St Tropez have just launched their new Dark range for if you're naturally blessed with dark, olive skin. Otherwise Fake Bake Light is great or I like L'Oreal Sublime Bronze. However you apply (I would always use gloves/a mitt) you can never exfoliate too much!! Shave the day before and moisturise a lot before applying and every day after. The result - flawless, glowing skin! Always a winner.

Piz Buin One Day Long SPF 15. I would never go below SPF 15 but go higher if you wish! I just love this stuff. It is more expensive than 'normal' sunscreens but the beauty of this is you can put it on and it lasts about 6 hours (not quite a whole day!) so you don't have to remember to reapply all the time. Beauty laziness at it's best!

Don't forget your hair! Most of us colour our hair, even if it's just some subtle highlights but then most of us leave our hair unprotected in the sun to dry out, fade and become brittle. For hair care you can't really get much better than Kerastase. And their new Huile Celeste sun protection range is lightweight, silky and even has shimmery particles to make your hair glisten even more! Plus you know you're getting quality with Kerastase.

Or your lips! Our lips are one of the thinnest areas of skin and therefore easily sunburnt. So are our eyelids but these are usually covered with some sunglasses. However, Boots No.7 have come up with a genius product in the way of their new Lip & Eye Screen with SPF 30. Perfect to apply to both lids and lips, it is water resistant, super-moisturising and gives a beautiful, subtle shimmer.

Barry M Bold Waterproof Mascara. With your shimmering hair, skin, lips and eyes you'll look like a sunshine goddess! All that is needed is a slick of mascara (waterproof just in case you manage to blag a pool party!) and you're good to go. Barry M's Bold promises not to budge for at least six hours and does both lengthening and volumising.

Let me know your sun essentials!!


Wednesday, 28 March 2012

NOTW - Go Bright or Go Home!

No, not the now-dead News of the World but Nail of the Week!! Too lazy this week for a NOTD so this is my NOTW...although I'm very happy to have this brighten up my days all of this week!

Accessorize Electric Purple is an absolutely gorgeous, eye-cataching shade. Having been sorely disappointed by nude nail varnish I know bright is the way to go. And on a summery week like this is certainly fits with my mood!

Accessorize are so much more than jewellery! I really rate their nail varnish in particular. It goes on easily, two coats gives you the perfect shade, and really has minimal chipping. A quality product. And Electric Purple is a beautiful, strong bluey purple that is oh-so pretty.

Only £4, it's a bargain, and they have a lot of bright shades at the moment which 'accessorize' your nails perfectly!!


Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Toning Up

A couple of weeks ago I had a facial. I was telling the facialist my beauty regime and she seemed very concerned that I never use toner. I know the basic beauty motto is 'cleanse, tone, moisturise' but I've always found that the toner is a bit of a pointless step and something which I don't need to spend my money on...I'd rather buy more nail varnish!

However, her reaction made me question this. Whenever I have used toner in the past I didn't feel it really did anything. And as I have quite dry skin it always made it quite uncomfortable and tight and in desperate need of more moisturiser than if I had just skipped using it.

My facialist told me I needed it because the cleanser will leave oils on the skin. As someone with dry skin I don't think this is a bad thing. And I don't break out very often so it can't be doing too much harm. But then why is it one of the beauty basics if it doesn't do anything? She definitely made me think.

Doing some research online, most toners claim to get rid of every last bit of grime left on your skin so that you are a blank canvas to put your moisturiser on. Shouldn't a cleanser cleanse your skin enough?! Am I the only one not getting this?? Some of the fancier ones say they minimise the appearance of open pores and improve your skin's appearance but of course the price then increases.

I'm still not sold on this. Maybe I'll regret it when I'm older and my skin isn't as good as those who 'tone' but right now I'm very dubious. She made me think, but she didn't make me change my mind!

Do you tone? What does it do for you? Or are you like me and don't see the point?

Let me know!


Monday, 26 March 2012

Soap and Glory Hocus Focus

At a time when most of us suffer with dull, dry, lacklustre skin after the winter months a product that promises to give you radiance is always a winner.

And now the tables seemed to have turned weather-wise and summer is definitely on its way, Soap and Glory's Hocus Focus is the perfect product to get your skin glowing alongside those sun rays!

I started trying this product about a month ago, and even when I'm feeling stressed, tired or generally run down my skin looks healthy and radiant. It definitely perks you up! I've been using it as a subtle shimmer underneath my usual moisturiser, but you can just dab a little along the cheekbones and anywhere else you want highlighted. Or it can be mixed into your foundation for a "youthful, dewy, luminous look" as their blurb says.

However you use it, I really rate this product. It's affordable and really works. Definitely a winner to take your skin from winter to summer and make people wonder why you're glowing!! £13.00


Friday, 23 March 2012

What's Hot; What's Not

This week's What's Hot and you agree?!


  • Sunny weather! This weekend looks set to definitely be the start of Spring and with the clocks going forward this Saturday night (set a reminder!) we can look forward to hotter weather and longer evenings!!! Give me a yay!

  • Lily Cole as the face of The Body Shop - a very cool collaboration with Lily as their very first brand ambassador, announced just last night. She will be championing their new 'Beauty with Heart' campaign as well as giving her name to their Cruelty-Free Make-Up Collection. A perfect fit I think!

  • Real women - Evans have launched their campaign with four 'real women' modelling their plus-size clothing. Anyone who does this deserves to be applauded, it gives a really great positive body image to young girls and women in the country. And don't they look amazing?


  • Roots - I think you know my feelings on's not a good look. Rihanna get down to your stylist!

  • The new Olympic kit for Team GB - as designed by Stella McCartney (if that's meant to make it more special?!). Firstly the kit doesn't seem remarkable at all, and the X in the middle of it reminds me of The X Factor - or is that just me?! Secondly, what is Stella wearing? Looks like she just got out of bed!

  • Kate Middleton - sorry to all the fans out there but I'm so bored of seeing her on every magazine cover...and she's far too skinny. Get her a Maccy D's!!!
Have a fantastic weekend everyone, soaking up the sun!


Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Are Roots Cool??!

One downside of travelling for months is that now I have crazy roots. Normally I'm all blonde with gorgeous highlights. My natural hair colour isn't very dark so whilst travelling it wasn't an issue as my hair lightened naturally in the sun.

However since being back in the UK and therefore not in the sun as much, my roots have darkened and become more obvious. I've become much more self-conscious about it, and looking through my first travelling photos when I was all blonde, I can't wait to get my hair sorted. As well as the sun not making my roots seem as apparent I also didn't trust any other salon on my travels. Amazing how loyal we are when it comes to our hairdressers!

So highlights here I come! Tomorrow I will be going to the wonderful Neville's salon in Knightsbridge. I really cannot wait as whilst a little bit of hair regrowth I believe is OK, I don't like having half my hair a different colour to what it should be!

I could pretend I'm 'on-trend' with the likes of Rihanna and Sarah Jessica Parker who sport really dark roots with their mostly blonde hair, but the truth is I don't like roots. I don't think it's a good look. Apart from making me think 'you really need to get to your salon' I also think it looks a bit dirty...maybe what Rihanna's going for!! I love Ri-Ri but she needs to get her roots seen I will tomorrow.

Let me know your thoughts...roots - trend or laziness!??


Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Spring has Sprung - Top Five New Spring 2012 Products

First day of Spring is officially here and it is a beautiful day! In honour of this, here are my 'Top Five' favourite beauty products to get the Spring 2012 looks:

Benefit's new Hervana face powder - in order to get the glowing, flawless skin seen all over the catwalks, opt for this new beauty! Said to give an 'enlightened flush' (whatever that is!), this new product has been getting great reviews and at only £23.50 it is a great basic to look springly fresh!

Laura Mercier Lingerie Palette - I'm a little biased with this maybe as I love anything by Laura Mercier! But this new edition to the range for this Spring really is beautiful. A limited edition product, this palette gives you colours to use for both eyes and cheeks. They are very soft colours to give you a gorgeously sophisticated look. £41.50

OPI Holland Collection for Spring 2012 - OPI have come up trumps yet again with their spring nail varnishes, inspired by the Dutch way of life. With the OPI trademark of unique names such as 'Did you 'ear about Van Gogh?' and 'Kiss Me on My Tulips' my favourite has to be 'I Don't Give a Rotterdam!'. A dusky blue varnish, it gives your nails a distinct pastel colour which is definitely not boring! A sure-fire winner as everyone will be asking you where you got it from. Typical OPI high quality priced at £11

Maybelline Falsies Flared Mascara - brows had their moment but lashes are always going to centre stage for most women's make-up looks. The new mascara by Maybelline is certain to give you killer lashes without having to fiddle with false ones. Curling and lengthening with a new spoon brush and secret 'curler formula' Maybelline have yet again led the mascara field! Affordable and dependable, Falsies Flared is a new beauty essential and only £7.99

L'Oreal Rouge Caresse lipstick - last but by no means least, we have the new lipstick from L'Oreal. Available in ten different shades, they promise this range is super-lightweight and kind to lips. I have to admit I haven't yet tried this but it gets great reviews on other blogs and I'm out to buy one today...I'm thinking the 'Impulsive Fuschia'! I usually have a problem with lipsticks in that they tend to dry out my lips and I can really 'feel' the lipstick on my lips and so tend to rub or lick it off. In their new range, L'Oreal promise to give a hint of colour with a fantastic shine without you feeling it at all. If you already have one of these let me know what you think! £7.99


Monday, 19 March 2012

Review: VO5 Miracle Concentrate

Whilst travelling I obviously had very little space to pack all my essentials. A multi-tasking product was exactly what I needed, and VO5's Miracle Concentrate was one of my favourites.

VO5 promote it as an 'Argan oil miracle in a bottle' and I would have to agree.

Put on wet or dry hair, this super-product combats frizz as well as conditioning the hair. Being in the sun most of the time, sea or pool, usually in fairly humid environments, this is amazing for travelling or just for holidays. I have continued to use it back home when my hair feels in need of a little TLC.

In a slimline bottle, it also lasts for ages as you only need a few drops. The result is silky smooth, frizz-free hair that looks gorgeous...even with months and months of not treating it very well!!

At only £4.99 this is a bargain.


Saturday, 17 March 2012

What's Hot; What's Not!

The first Hot and Not for a while...enjoy!

What's Hot

  • Green nails! To celebrate St. Paddy's day why not go for some green nail varnish?! I have Barry M's Emerald Green on and it's looking mighty fine!

  • Massages - absolute bliss, everyone deserves to be pampered. Book one for every 4 weeks - you deserve it
  • Mums! Mothering Sunday this weekend. I may be slightly hungover for it but will make an effort. If you've ever seen One Born Every Minute you'll know what she went through to have you!!

What's Not

  • Nude nails - really don't like this trend, don't see the point! Go bright or go home...nuff said.
  • Too skinny celebs - Ange, Rihanna and Kate Middleton have all appeared this week looking increasingly thin and unhealthy...not good role models people

  • Losing my travelling tan.........sigh! Fake tans at the ready


Monday, 12 March 2012

To go nude or not??

One of this season's nail trends is the 'nude' look, ranging from beige to pale pink to soft mocha. In order to try this I have MeMeMe's 'Innocent' on my nails at the moment. The name really says it all - a barely there very pale pink which can go completely unnoticed.

Which brings me to my dilemma with this trend. Is it not a bit boring?? If people aren't going to notice your nails what's the point?! Painting your nails is a statement and I don't know about you, but I love it when someone comments on how much they like the colour. I can't see that happening with this trend.

The one positive is that if it chips nobody can tell. But as nobody is noticing it anyway does it really matter?! Am I the only one not loving this trend????

Think I'll go back to my brights now...


Wednesday, 7 March 2012

NOTD - Barry M's Bright Purple

On a gloomy, dreary day like today we need bright nails to give us some joy!

Barry M really can't be beaten in terms of value for money - at just £2.99 they are a bargain!

This purple is a beautifully deep shade, goes on well as with all Barry M nail varnishes, and lasts a decent amount of time. 

If you don't want to go for all-out brights with your wardrobe, a flash of brightly coloured nails will do the trick, keeping you bang up-to-date!


Monday, 5 March 2012

One of My Bestest Products...

I think it's time I had a post all about one of my favourite products for my skin. Drum roll............Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser.

It does have a cult following, and I am proud to be part of this particular cult!!

I have dry skin and often find foundation too heavy and clogs up my pores. Tinted moisturiser is my saviour! And I have NEVER found one as good as Laura Mercier. If you happen to have the opposite problem to me and have quite oily skin it does come in an oil-free version.

It glides on and blends so well, evens skin tone immediately and stays on all day. Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser gives me perfect coverage without feeling like I've got make-up on at all. It does all the hard work for you.

Perhaps a little bit pricier than some other products out there, it lasts a long time. I have one which is still going after 6 months of travelling. Plus it gives SPF 20 coverage - not only does it cover sun damage, it prevents any further damage!

Award-winning and a beauty editor favourite, I urge all of you to try it and join the cult!! If you have already tried it let me know what you think!

Available at SpaceNK and House of Fraser.


Friday, 2 March 2012

What I've missed most

Now I'm back home with all my lovely, lovely beauty products I'd like to do a little round-up of those I missed the most!

  1. Urban Decay Gridlock eyeshadow. I have NEVER found another eyeshadow that makes blue eyes look so gorgeous. Having used the same one whilst travelling (it came in a smaller box to put in the suitcase), I really missed this. It makes me feel utterly beautiful and gives me great, twinkly eyes.
  2. Soap and Glory Hocus Focus. This seemed like a make-up luxury not needed on my travels. Especially for this season where luminous, flawless skin is key this product does all the work for you. A little dabbed on cheekbones, or a lot dabbed everywhere, gives you glowing skin everyone will be envious of.
  3. All my lipglosses!! I can't narrow it down. What I've missed is having all the different options depending on my my suitcase I had just two. But I am definitely partial to the Revlon Lip Stains.
  4. Having my nails done. I had one (yes ONE) nail varnish, a pretty pink...but still I had just a pretty pink. Now I have metallics, pearls, brights, mattes, nail effects.......oh so spoilt!!!
  5. Jewellery. I know not technically a beauty product jewellery makes me feel beautiful. And I've missed being spoilt for choice in the mornings for what to particular my sparkly Swarovski rings. I love the bling!!

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Back in the Game!!

After months of travelling the world I am now back in the UK....and very cold! So keep your eyes peeled for posts on how to keep my tan, get my skin used to the cold weather, and getting my nails sorted. Six months wearing flip flops is NOT good for the feet!!!