Friday, 19 November 2010

What's Hot...What's Not

Drumroll please for this week's Hot and Not!!!


Classy tailoring - absolutely adore VB's look here. Simple, elegant, stunning. Loving the colour of this dress...must find a high street copy!

Seventies for Spring - M&S unveiled some of their Spring collection and Seventies is in big time. Embrace it! Loving the blusher...

Kate Middleton's dress - Sorry I couldn't get away from it! As much as I'm bored with the Kate and Will's wedding extravaganza I loved her look. The Issa dress has now sold out, but also her understated make-up was gorgeous and her wavy, elegant blowdry was fit for a Princess!


Food as clothes - Gaga did her meat dress, please stop this madness! Now someone thinks this collection titled Hunger Pains is what the world needs!!

Tattoos - No real connection particularly for this week, just don't like them!!

Putting on make-up on public transport - I will do this in my own home, in the bathroom, even in my car if I'm running late, but don't do it on the train, bus, etc. Nobody needs to see it, and my train seems to attract this kind of behaviour. Get up a few minutes earlier!!!


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