Friday, 12 November 2010

What's Hot...What's Not

This week I have a celebrity Hot and Not!!


Cat Deeley - LOVING her look at the moment. Her hair's gorgeous, loving the loose curls, the trilby, and only she could pull off the leather shorts!

Rihanna - I'm not ashamed to admit I have a slight girl crush on Rihanna. Absolutely gorgeous, effortlessly cool, and she has boobs, bum and thighs! She can pull off any outfit, and I especially love her fishtail plait here...

Victoria's Secret girls - I want to hate them as they are so darn perfect but I can't. And the tans, wings, make-up, etc, everything is impressive!


Age catching up with you - Caprice showed this week that no amount of Botox can undo all the tanning, smoking and full make-up she wears every day. Be warned!

Selling your soul...Desperate celebs trying to hold onto their career, I will NOT be watching I'm a Celeb

Getting too skinny - have something other than a salad! Not only will you look healthier, your skin, hair and nails will be better too...

Let me know your thoughts!


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