Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Tomato, Potato, Pear or Nectarine??

Bum shapes I'm talking about!!

Asda have launched Wonderbum dresses suitable for every bum shape, and are only £20! Just wait for the stampede!

So here's the guide to finding out which bum you have...

  • The Tomato - plump, round and squishy. This one is best squeezed into a structured dress to show it off!
  • The Potato - wide and lumpy. Oh dear, this one needs to be dressed carefully. Asda have a tulip-shaped dress to slim this rear down.
  • The Pear - narrow up top, wide down below. Quite tricky, this one needs a maxi dress to skim over the bum and attract attention up top.
  • The Nectarine - full, round and pert. Probably those who spend a lot of time in the gym! A tight red satin dress is for you.

Which shape are you?! I think I'm Tomato...but would like to be Nectarine!


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