Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Smooth Away the Wrinkles - StriVectin Week 8!

I have now reached my Week 8 with StriVectin Eye Concentrate, so another look at my crinkly eyes...or maybe not so crinkly!

I'm still loving this product, it feels so luxurious. By week 8 they say I should notice elasticity getting better, as well as reduced fine lines and crow's feet.

Obviously at 24 (almost 25) I didn't have many lines to begin with, but I was starting to get them, and they really bugged me. So here goes,

Not smiling:


Let's compare to before I started this little experiment.

My dark circles are definitely reduced, and although I still have lines when I smile they don't seem to be as deep!

I'm going to keep with this one, and perhaps update you guys further next month.


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