Monday, 15 November 2010

Hair Saviour!

I just had to tell you peeps about my amazing new straighteners. I was lucky enough to get them in a goody bag a while ago, and have only just got round to opening them.

My hair is naturally fairly wavy so to reduce the frizz or for nights out where I want to look like I've made an effort I NEED straighteners. I have had the same pair for over five years...time for a change!

I can't recommend the Remington Pearl Straighteners enough. I thought my old ones were good, but they were nothing compared to these. So quick, effortless, and they don't snag your hair at all. I knew they were amazing when my friend commented on how straight my hair was on Saturday night: "I mean your hair has been straight before, but not this straight!"

The blurb behind the product has a lot of facts and stats but the real test is how easy and effective they are. Remington Pearl, top marks!


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