Thursday, 4 November 2010

Breathe and reboot

Yesterday was National Stress Awareness Day. I was supposed to do this then, but as I was tucked up under a blanket on the sofa it's a day late. In order to de-stress below are my top five stress relief products...

1. Rescue Remedy! Pure calm in a bottle. I've used this for my driving test, many exams, interviews and when I'm feeling a bit frazzled. A few drops on the tongue (tastes a bit weird) and this natural remedy will calm you down.

2. The Sanctuary Bath Relaxer - there's nothing quite like a hot, bubbly bath to soothe your body and let any tension disappear, and this bath oil is amazing. I love Santuary products, as you always know they are going to be good quality. This one blends different oils to de-stress and moisturise the skin.

3. Yankee Candle in Lavender Vanilla. Love, love, love Yankee Candles! They always smell amazing, last forever and look pretty too. This one in Lavender Vanilla brings an "oasis of tranquility" which can only be a good thing after a stressful day.

4. Estee Lauder Stress Relief Face Mask - when stress starts showing itself in wrinkles you know you have to do something FAST! Leave this on for just 10 minutes and it de-stresses, re-energises, and makes you skin smooth and less lined - too good to be true!!

5. Chocolate!! Sorry guys, a slight cop-out I know, but chocolate really is the ultimate de-stresser! Chemicals inside reduce stress hormones and rebalances you. I'm not convinnced of the science, but I know how much better I feel after a bar of Galaxy!!


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