Friday, 8 October 2010

What's Hot...What's Not

It's that time of week again...what's hot and not right now!!

Glittery nails - in case you missed it, I absolutely adored my Barry M blue glitter nail varnish this week! I've had so many compliments and inspired many girls in the office to follow suit.

Katy Perry's dress - still no idea where it's from but I love it. Tribal print, funky neckline, sexy but not slutty, perfect!

Nail effects - Barry M get yet another mention on my Hot list. This time, for their amazing Instant Nail Effects varnish which creates funky patterns on top of your base colour. May just be a fad but I'm loving it right now! Only £3.95, available online or at Superdrug.


Boots which are too tight - On my Monday commute home I was horrified to see a woman who's boots were ridiculously tight, digging right into her legs and turning them red...not pretty. I have chunky calves, so I either don't wear these kind of boots or go somewhere that does different calf widths!

OTT Botox - Lord Sugar's wife, Sharon Osbourne, seems this week botox overload has been on every mag and newspaper. It's not a good look, this is definitely a case of less is more.

Gap's new logo - it didn't need to be changed, completely unnecessary and ugly!


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