Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Two Week Update!

I'm two weeks into my StriVectin Eye Concentrate and I've definitely noticed a difference in that my skin feels firmer around my eyes.

I love the consistency of the cream. It's the perfect mix between not too thick and sticky, which you really wouldn't want around your skin, yet also not too runny. It feels luxurious which is great.

Within two weeks they say you should notice "energy increasing, dark circles and puffiness reducing". You can make your own minds up from the following photos. There isn't a huge amount of difference yet, but I do think the dark circles are less and the skin is firmer.

I'm going to be patient with this, because I do really like it so far. In four weeks I should see "natural collagen renewing; firmness increasing, texture improving" so here's hoping...


And smiley!


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