Thursday, 7 October 2010

Ever Hopeful!

A nationwide survey has found that on average women have 12 pieces in their wardrobe, just waiting for the day when we will finally fit into it again!

Financially this means we all have at least £289 worth of clothing wasting away in our wardrobes.

Thinking about it, I probably have more than 12!! I probably have a couple of pairs of jeans, many tops, a few skirts...all of which I'm just waiting for when I've been to the gym enough and have sufficient confidence to wear them again! Some dating back from my teens!! I don't know why we find it so difficult to throw these things away. Maybe it's that we don't want to admit that we're probably never going to be that thin (or young) again, or that we need it in our wardrobes to give us that motivation to get down the gym or refuse the chocolate cake.

Whatever it is, it's money not well spent in our wardrobes. Time to get more clothes swaps going!!


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