Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Day one in the SV house...

And Christina is scared to put her wrinkles on the Internet!!

Anyway, enough of being silly...I received this lovely treat in the post and today's the start of my StriVectin experiment.

Their Eye Concentrate is a tube packed full of high-tech sciencey goodness. This improved version has "more efficacious peptides, brighteners and soft focus light diffusers" - they can only be good things!

I have read such nice things about this product that I'm so excited to try. As they say, the fragile area around the eye is the first to show the signs of ageing, and it's the one place that I hate at the moment. They're the first proper wrinkles I've noticed, especially when I smile :(

So in the name of research here is how my eyes are starting out. Will update again in two weeks when I should have increased energy, and dark circles and puffiness should be reduced.

No make-up and not smiling (but with uneven lashes as my extensions are falling out!)

And smiling...

Check it out here 


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