Friday, 24 September 2010

What's Hot...What's Not


Kerry Katona's new hair - Never thought I'd include Katona in my Hot section!! But her new look really suits her and is the perfect colour, well done Daniel Galvin!

Nailympics - Bizarre and impractical, but stunning! I saw these at Olympia Beauty this week.

Source: Daily Mail online

SS11 Beauty Trends - Big hair, natural, glowing skin, glittery eyes and's going to be beauty-full next season!!!


It's over - LFW has ended, the excitement has gone...but the fashion and beauty was amazing!! Keeping a watch on Milan Fashion Week...then Paris...then it is officially over :(

Eyeliner overkill - It's just too much Taylor! You look like you're either posessed or haven't had enough sleep, it's not pretty.

Looking older - apparently wearing glasses can make you look up to THREE years older. If there was any good reason for contact lenses this is it.


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