Thursday, 30 September 2010

Biba Fever?!?

OK now for a post on something I don't adore! You may remember a while ago that I put the much-publicised return of Biba in my Hot list...however having looked at the clothes I've changed my mind.

A fashion phenomenon in the Seventies, everybody loved it. And its return caused quite a stir by the people who remember it first time, and those who had heard about it from those who remember it first time. Available only at House of Fraser I was very excited to check it out.

However, big disappointment. Their Boutique collection is laughably over-priced. Hyped up as limited editions, I'm not won over and this doesn't justify over £400 for a dress. It angers me how much they're trying to charge people for simply for their name when the quality isn't spectacular and you can find better designs elsewhere. Anyone who falls for it is a mug.

Their other collections are much more reasonably priced but still nothing special and usually too expensive for what it is. Trust me, don't fall for it - Coast, Karen Millen, Warehouse, Oasis, Topshop and so many have much more original and interesting options.


Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Hubba Hubba

Today I had some real excitement when I got an email from The Outnet saying they had Christian Louboutins at up to 60% off. Immediately working out my monthly finances so that I could perhaps afford a pair, I searched through what they had in stock. I was so gutted though! Within just a few minutes everything was sold out (unless you have freakishly small or big feet!).

So...disappointed for my feet yet quite glad for my social life this month, I have been searching the web for my ultimate Louboutins. Bearing in mind I wouldn't say no to any Louboutins, and I will probably only ever have a pair for my wedding, this was both torture and ecstacy!!

There's something so sexy about those red soles! Plus a smug feeling like you've made it when you actually own a pair (something similar to having your first Chanel bag, which is also on my Ultimate Wish List).

These studded peep-toes are highly impractical but are making me drool! I want I want I want...sorry I sound like a spoilt brat right now...but I do want them!!!

Only £1,225 from Net-a-Porter - a bargain for something so gorgeous and on trend! 


Tuesday, 28 September 2010

A Good Eye Test!

Apologies there haven't been many posts recently...I've been ill but back on form now!!

I was lucky enough to get the new Maybelline Gel Eyeliner in a goody bag recently. As soon as I saw it my heart sank. I've only ever been able to use pencils, as my hand-to-eye co-ordination just won't function with liquid eyeliner. Instead of a beautiful, precise line I end up either blinding myself or covered in splodges of black all over my eyes!!

BUT Maybelline's Gel Eyeliner worked like a dream! It comes with a brush so it is quite similar to using a pencil. My unsteady hands could cope! The dinky little pot of eyeliner is so cute; I had the blackest black which is my fave!

The benefit of using a gel over pencil or liquid is the intensity of the colour. The black was incredibly, gorgeously black. Brilliant for a night out. Maybelline say that the gel also means it resists wear for 24 hours and is waterproof and smudgeproof. I'm not sure about that, but it lasted for a night!

I wore it for the first time for a big Friday night out. At the moment I'm having issues with my eyes, as my eyelash extensions are quite uneven at the moment, so some lashes need mascara and others don't! Nightmare. Anyway, this eyeliner was brilliant. Striking, easy to use, and absolutely gorgeous I am completely sold on gel eyeliners.

Get yours quick!


Friday, 24 September 2010

What's Hot...What's Not


Kerry Katona's new hair - Never thought I'd include Katona in my Hot section!! But her new look really suits her and is the perfect colour, well done Daniel Galvin!

Nailympics - Bizarre and impractical, but stunning! I saw these at Olympia Beauty this week.

Source: Daily Mail online

SS11 Beauty Trends - Big hair, natural, glowing skin, glittery eyes and's going to be beauty-full next season!!!


It's over - LFW has ended, the excitement has gone...but the fashion and beauty was amazing!! Keeping a watch on Milan Fashion Week...then Paris...then it is officially over :(

Eyeliner overkill - It's just too much Taylor! You look like you're either posessed or haven't had enough sleep, it's not pretty.

Looking older - apparently wearing glasses can make you look up to THREE years older. If there was any good reason for contact lenses this is it.


Thursday, 23 September 2010

LFW Round Up

The buzz has gone from London for now, Fashion Week has moved onto Milan. But this SS11 Fashion Week has been full of top trends, drama and show after show of amazing clothes. Here is my round-up of LFW SS11:


Prints were everywhere! Erdem, Henry Holland, Vivienne Westwood and many more gave their twist on digital prints, floral prints, geometric prints...anything with a print is a sure bet to be a fashion winner of next season.

Erdem SS11


Traditionally more of a AW material to keep the cold weather at bay, leather graced many catwalks. The classic biker will take over from the aviator jacket of this season, but of course, with a twist!! Jackets have studs, spikes (Burberry ones were spectacular), cutouts, and are of various colours (Royal blue looked fab at Felder Felder!)

Burberry Prorsum SS11

Pretty Pretty

Being a girly girl I LOVE this trend! Soft, girly, flirty, feminine dresses seen at Matthew Williamson (of course!), Twenty8Twelve and so many more. Pastel colours dominated but this girly look spanned the entire spectrum of mini to maxi and structured to flowing. Of course, Williamson absolutely nailed it!

Matthew Williamson SS11


Of course when the weather starts picking up and the sun shines more, bright colours come to play! Issa's show was absolutely amazing for this, and they weren't the only ones. Amanda Wakeley...and don't worry about clashing, the more brights the better!

Issa SS11


This LFW there weren't many shows who didn't give us some white for SS 11. Perhaps slightly impractical, yet brilliant with a tan, it's going to be huge for next season. Keep your eyes peeled for many high street white copycats.

Nicole Farhi SS11

Now bring on Milan!!


Intensify Your Beauty

I've just bought the new and improved Boots No.7 Protect and Perfect Intense! As it is 3 for 2 in stores at the moment I just couldn't resist stocking up on their Day, Night and Eye creams!! (I'm still trialling the Superdrug Optimum Apple serum so didn't need their serum).

I've used this range for months now and really, really adore it. But now No.7 have launched the intense range with even more powerful, anti-ageing ingredients to wipe out those annoying fine lines and wrinkles. In tests this range always comes up trumps and with its reasonable price you can't really go wrong! Plus the Day cream is now the first ever to have 5 star UVA protection with SPF 15.

Will let you know how this new range compares to its predecessor...


Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Ever-lasting lashes!

A few weeks ago I had my first eyelash extensions by the wonderful Esme Winterflood

I have a bit of a thing with eyes, I don't really like people coming near them, so I was quite apprehensive beforehand. But I soon relaxed and let Esme work her magic for about an hour and a half. 

I told her I wanted lashes that didn't look ridiculously long during the day, but still glam enough to take me through to the night. The perfect length, she applied extensions onto every single lash, even the little tiny ones in the corners. The effect was amazing and I couldn't stop looking in the mirror.

Esme told me that they would last well for around three weeks and then may start to look uneven as the extensions fall out naturally with your real lashes. Well, it was three weeks ago yesterday and they're still going strong. I'm completely used to them now, and I really don't want to go back to my boring, short, natural lashes!!! I think I'm addicted to extensions already.

They're not cheap, but really worth it if you have a special occasion or holiday coming up. They really do last, as long as you look after them (don't put anything containing oil near them), and the time saved doing very basic make-up in the morning is incredible.

I'll keep you updated but I may have to book in for a 'top-up'! And next time I'll remember to take photos to show you!!


Monday, 20 September 2010

That's One Way to Make the Headlines

Designer Charlie Le Mindu, wig and hat maker extraordinaire, made the papers today but not necessarily for his collection. Instead, everyone was in shock that he'd sent models out completely naked. Far from making everyone focus on the hats, everybody's eyes were a bit further south!!

A relative newcomer, this is only his second show at London Fashion Week, and whilst intending to shock, he may also alienate a lot of his fellow fashionistas by trying far too hard. Charlie, maybe stick to simple dresses next time - people will still notice your pieces! Although maybe he subscribes to the 'there's no such thing as bad publicity' philosophy...I beg to differ.


Sunday, 19 September 2010

My pick of Fashion Week so far...

In case you hadn't noticed London Fashion Week started on Friday! I was very fortunate to go to the Prophetik show on Friday, plus the PPQ after party Friday night. Here are my picks of Fashion Week so far...

PPQ: Minimal Kasbah was apparently the theme for S/S 11. This gorgeous dress certainly has the colours of Morocco! Love it. Although the Fez hats maybe took it a little too far!

Sass & Bide: More prints from the Sass & Bide show. Grown up and gorgeous, this dress is super feminine yet you could wear it for work and be taken seriously. Beautiful! Plus big, big hair looks set to continue through to SS11.

Topshop Unique: There has been some debate whether Topshop has the style to sit side-by-side with all the Fashion Week designers but their show this season has silenced the critics. All the models looked so cool with their big, frizzy hair, some almost horizontal, so put those straighteners away! Inspired by "magic and wonder" I love this and the long chunky boots - if only I had the legs for it!!

Paul Costelloe: The first show of the week, Costelloe said beforehand he knew he had to come out with a bang! Full of flirty attitude, beehive hair and bright coral lips complimented the pretty, structured dresses (most of which were very short!) in pale, ice-cream colours. Good enough to eat!

Twenty8Twelve: You can always trust Sienna Miller to give us girly glamour and she didn't disappoint this season. This LBD is given a sexy twist with the pink petticoat peaking out! Keep a look out for high street copies...

With Vivienne Westwood about to start, and Matthew Williamson also this evening there is so much more to come!!


Friday, 17 September 2010

What's Hot...What's Not

Right, this week's Hot and Not...


LFW!! The shows, the people watching, the parties, and of course the goody bags - BRING IT ON!!!

Biba - Can't wait to check out the return of the iconic label Biba at House of Fraser - blog post will follow shortly

Berry lips - Wholeheartedly embracing this beauty trend, even though I'm a bit of a lipstick novice


The cold - it seems as though Autumn is well and truly here, not long until the clocks go back, winter appears and the central heating plays havoc with my dry skin!

Lipstick on teeth - as I mentioned earlier, I'm a lipstick novice, and I can't help but notice how many seem to get it on their teeth rather than the lips

Yeti boots - one word, No

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Getting the Buzz!!

As you may have seen from my Twitpic this morning I got an absolutely wonderful goody bag from The Sun's Buzz magazine launch party last night!!

Very excited to try the new Remington Pearl straighteners (I needed new straighteners so that's perfect!), as well as the Champney's Firming Regime, although I think I'll leave that until just before my next holiday in December to combat the cellulite before bikini time.

Also included were eyeshadows, lipstick, eyeliner, Cherly Cole lashes...and a Milky Bar (having that tonight!). Can't wait to try it all, reviews will be on their way shortly!

It was designer bag overload at the event, so my Jimmy Choo fitted in well. Plus my new Dorothy Perkins dress was dressy without being too much, yay!!


P.S. Best celeb spots have to be the gorgeous George Lamb, Barbara Windsor and Louie Spence!!

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

A little extreme!

Whilst I love my big sunglasses and big bags it seems Rachel Bilson has taken things a little too far. She was recently papped with a massive tote bag which completely dwarfed her!

 Source: Daily Mail

She's a tiny thing so this looks ridiculous to say the least!! Maybe it was to make sure she got noticed, or perhaps she actually likes the bag. Whichever it may be let's hope this trend isn't going to catch on.


Tuesday, 14 September 2010

The Very Best Protection

I’ve just returned from holiday, and a few days before that, I had my hair re-highlighted. With the prospect of 11 days worth of blistering Greek sun damaging and dulling down my hair colour I knew I needed the very best. The Redken Colour Extend Sun was recommended to me, and it was fantastic! It’s not cheap but definitely worth it. Not only does it help protect your hair, but also your scalp from being sunburnt. As I have quite fine hair this was a massive bonus!!

Check it out here^F1_Haircare^F2_Color_Extend_Sun&topcat=F2_Color_Extend_Sun&prdcode=357

Used every day before sunbathing and throughout the day, my hair didn’t feel dry and knotty like it usually does from the sun, wind and chlorine. With a host of fancy ingredients Redken have come up trumps again with this new product. Now that I have my hair colour extended I need to focus getting my tan extended too!!


Wednesday, 1 September 2010

What's Hot, What's Not

As I’m off on holiday tomorrow I thought I’d do a What’s Hot, What’s Not for this week a little bit early! Xx


• Fishtail plait – still desperately trying to hone this technique…I’m not getting anywhere but I love it!!

• Essentials magazine using real women for their front covers now. It’s about time! Hopefully others will follow…

• Stylist being back. YAY! Our mid-week treat has come back from its summer holidays!


• Autumn is pretty much here. Although that means a whole new season’s worth of clothes, make-up, nails, etc it also means dark mornings, rain and getting colder.

• Butt implants – Mutya Buena has announced she’s had surgery to give her a fuller rear

• UBB10 – finish NOW