Wednesday, 18 August 2010

What is the obsession with the Piranha Pedicure?!?

Apologies for this little rant I'm about to have, but I really don't understand why the 'Piranha Pedicure' has taken off so well. It's been covered by almost everyone, it seems I can't pick up a magazine or newspaper without some kind of review with a photo of someone warily dipping their toe into the fish water!

Apart from just being another fad I don't seem the fasination. Firstly, surely it would feel far too weird. Secondly, isn't there some kind of animal cruelty going on? And thirdly, isn't it ever-so-slightly unhygienic?! Sharing the water with a handful of other people's feet really doesn't appeal to me.

A lovely, standard pedicure performed by a person is my idea of heaven. Fish sucking on my feet in water which you don't know when it was last cleaned is most definitely not! I'm hoping people will stop with their obsession with the fish and get back to true pedicures! It does seem to me that in the persuit of finding the newest, hottest treatment we're trying things which when we really think about them we would never ever do in a million years. Wake up people!!

If anyone has had this please let me know what you thought, I'm all for being proved wrong!

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