Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Straight down the middle

For ages now people have been embracing a side parting but it seems the humble middle parting is now back on the radar. Elle have called this the new non-trend. Apparently a middle parting and long hair are a key, effortless style to pull off this season.

However, I have always been under the assumption, and even been told by my hairdresser millions of times, that a middle parting doesn’t emphasise women’s beauty as much as a side parting. My hairdresser even says he won’t do a middle parting; it goes against everything he believes in!! Maybe slightly extreme, but when you look at most women a side parting allows you to have more variation in your hairstyle and therefore make things more interesting. A sweeping fringe often looks so pretty and frames the face well. With a middle parting the hair just tend to just hang.

With a middle parting there’s not so much you can do, which maybe why some swear by it with minimal styling required. Also, there’s nowhere to hide. Your face is exposed, for all to see…unless you go for the grunge, ‘hair forward so face is covered’ look. This is fine if you have a face like Olivia Palermo. Otherwise it might be best to not follow this celeb trend.

Do they look better side or middle?



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