Monday, 2 August 2010

A slight rant...

One of things I would really love is to have olive skin! I've not been blessed with a natural tan, and even though I do tan, it's a challenge and once I'm back in the UK it seems to go into hibernation.

So rather than risk premature ageing with sunbeds, I decided this summer to give fake tans another go. I use Johnson's Holiday Skin a few years ago in an attempt for a natural non-streaky glow...however all did not go well as after a while my white towels had permanent orange stains, and as the tan faded my skin was covered in weird marks akin to some kind of rash!

However, optimistic in my quest I decided to give fake tan another go, thinking things must have advanced since those days! I was lucky enough to be given some Fake Bake to try, and had high hopes.

I initially started on their gradual tan and I soon overcame my streaky phobia as day-by-day my skin became more tanned and gorgeous without looking orange or streaky.

However the towel problem remained. Everytime I dried myself after a shower the towel became covered in fake tan residue, regardless of how much I had exfoliated or cleansed my skin...annoying to say the least!

Then I decided to upgrade to their spray fake tan. Again really good, very easy to apply, I had the whole thing down to 10 minutes!!

But I have to say my verdict is that fake tan is definitely quite easy to do, but the implications of orange towels, orange bedding, weird skin patterns as it fades and the smell (even though Fake Bake had some lemony smell it didn't disguise the overall distinctive fake tan smell) just aren't worth it!

Is it just me that has been unsuccessful in fake tanning?!!

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