Saturday, 7 August 2010

The New Botox?

Has an effective alternative to botox finally arrived?

Amanda Holden has said that she's given up the injections for 'electric therapy'. The Carita Pro-Lift Firming Facial is apparently powerful enough to replace any need for botox...surely all the celebs will be jumping on this bandwagon!!

According to those who have tried it, the treatment gives a much more natural, youthful appearance rather than the 'frozen' look to botox.

I'm not against botox and I think as I get older I would probably opt for injections rather than any kind of surgery (did anyone see The Ugly Face of Beauty where they showed a face-lift operation?! It definitely put me off).

It does sound as though botox is certainly coming up against tough competition finally, and at a price whereby us mere mortals can afford it rather than just the celebs and super-wealthy, this surely can't be a bad thing.

I really want to try it!! Available in many spas such as Champneys and Spa Illuminata.


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