Tuesday, 10 August 2010

I have a confession…I’ve cheated

I’ve always been an incredibly loyal girl, perfume-wise. Since the days of puberty, growing up and finding my identity, I felt truly loyal to Hugo Boss Deep Red. It was unlike anything I’d ever smelt before, and nothing else even came close. If I smell it now it takes me back to school days, first dates and long summer holidays. It became a kind of security blanket as I felt much more confident with it on. No birthday or Christmas presents could tempt me away from my one true love!

That is until somebody gave me a bottle of the new Marc Jacobs Lola…and I confess that I cheated. And I’ve been cheating for quite some time. I absolutely love it, it smells divine, and I think after around eight years of the same smell I needed a change. Sexy floral, it’s actually quite similar to Deep Red, so this must definitely be what my nose likes! Being a girly-girl it suits me. I also completely fell for the bottle design. I didn’t think I’d be as fickle as this, but the over-the-top flower definitely increased my lust. On every single perfume point it’s a winner!

And I’m now drooling to get their newly-released limited edition velvet flower top! Take a look at


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