Wednesday, 11 August 2010


In my eternal quest for thicker hair I decided a few months ago to give supplements a go. With a busy lifestyle I know I don’t get all the vitamins and nutrients I need from my diet so I always take a multivitamin. However, on the advice from my hairdresser early this year, I decided to also take a specific ‘Skin, Hair & Nails’ vitamin.

Ever since, I have taken one tablet a day, with fingers crossed that the specially tailored nutrients might actually make a difference. And it has!!

My last hairdresser appointment I had last month, my stylist remarked on how much thicker it felt. Hallelujah!!! I hadn’t noticed any difference myself then, but this month I can definitely feel it is thicker. Just running my hands through it, and especially after washing my hair, there feels like there is substantially more hair.

I would definitely advise anyone else out there who suffers with fine hair to give these supplements a go. Be persistent and it will pay off! Every supermarket, vitamin shop and Boots and Superdrug stock them.


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